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New Web Launch
In October 2008 J.G. Parks & Son, Inc. launched their new website, overhauling their image with a new logo and expanding an already growing diesel engine business by enabling e-commerce of parts and adding a generator division.

In the nearly 40 years that J.G. Parks & Son has been operating in the diesel industry, the company has seen many changes, but mostly on the operational side. Until recently the company has spent little time creating a marketing plan for their brand. John Parks has been entertaining the notion of overhauling the company's website for some time and decided to also redesign their logo, breathing new life into their online image. "We were determined to update our image. We are no longer a company that is operating in a tiny workshop only rebuilding fuel injection systems. While fuel pumps remain at the core of our business, our company has so many divisions now, it had become increasingly important to create a unified brand," Parks said.

The new logo is a cutting edge, almost trendy black and red number that now appears on all kinds of marketing material, from business cards to brochures to a new line of employee uniforms. "Our in-house graphic designer created the logo and I was really impressed. I felt confident that it would get us noticed, and it was a polished departure from our previous logo, which served its purpose for years," Parks stated. "We ordered uniforms for our salesmen and parts staff and have had a large number of requests from customers and vendors for the shirts and hats."

The new website will enable customers to make parts purchases online and have them shipped via UPS to any US location. While the company's e-commerce capabilities are still in its infancy stages, the company is hopeful it will become another pivotal division of the enterprise. "E-commerce is an important piece of any successful online presence. We have the inventory, so we have no reason not to engage in it," Parks explained. "It will take us some time to upload our entire inventory and to work out the initial kinks, but we plan to hit the ground running with this."

Earlier this year, J.G. Parks & Son, Inc. formally added a Generator division to their business. "Our large customer base seemed to be increasing their investments in emergency and mobile power, so we wanted to continue supporting them in this field. We already had in-house capabilities handling these types of jobs and were performing a fair amount of sales and service, so it's been an easy progression," Parks said. "We decided to officially launch a full division to increase awareness of the offering. We hired a full time manager, expanded authorized partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors and invested in additional inventory, tooling and training." The Generator division is headquartered in Grasonville, MD.
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