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ClimaCab No-Idle Electric APU Powered A-C Solution
ClimaCab® is SmartWay verified and offers the most advanced battery-operated climate-control system on the market today. Produced by Crosspoint Solutions, ClimaCab features a power management system that delivers more than 12 hours of idle-free temperature control, while also providing:

• Significant fuel savings – up to 2,500 gallons per year
• Reduction in engine hours – by as many as 2,000 per year
• Improved driver comfort in the cab – intuitive digital interface maintains constant temperature
• Start Assist™ patented technology – eliminates need for jump-starts
• Compass™ program – enables fleet fuel-conservation management/monitoring

ClimaCab’s Power Management Module (PMM) not only manages power while running, it also manages battery charge and discharge cycles. The three-step smart charger can be programmed to charge four types of AGM batteries by optimizing the OEM charge and discharge profiles.

Continuous Comfort
ClimaCab’s state-of-the-art control system continuously monitors changing conditions and adjusts the variable-speed compressor as required to allow for industry-proven performance to cool the sleeper on Class 8 trucks. Crosspoint has designed its APU around power management to maximize efficiency while providing superior driver comfort.

Faster installation
The ClimaCab system requires no ducting, saving space under the bunk and making installation faster. No ducting also means there is no static pressure, allowing you to get 100% of the fan’s rated CFM.

No idling
ClimaCab enables you to comply with anti-idling laws and keep drivers comfortable at docks during loading/unloading and overnight, while reducing engine hours and fuel consumption.

ClimaCab 3.0 features:
• 12 hours or more of no-idle temperature control
• 2-year limited warranty
• Easy-to-use digital driver control panel with set-and-forget technology
• ClimaCab Compass™ dashboard reports
• Patented Start Assist™
• Patented load-sharing capability
• Solid-state AGM battery-charging technology
• Shorepower plug-in option
• Espar and other heater options
• Installation flexibility
• Less maintenance than a diesel APU
• North American sales-and-service network

How much can you save?
A Class 8 truck consumes approximately 1 gallon of diesel fuel per hour while idling at night to keep its driver comfortable in the sleeper cab. Many trucks idle up to 2,000 hours per year consuming more than 2,500 gallons of fuel. The ClimaCab® APU eliminates the need to idle the truck’s engine, saving fleets more than $8,000 per truck annually.
By reducing engine idling time by 2,000 hours per year, ClimaCab can save 8,000 to 10,000 engine hours over the typical turn of a truck in a long-haul fleet. This also increases the residual value of the truck on the used market.

Please contact J.G. Parks & Son, Inc. for further information on the ClimaCab No-Idle Electric APU Powered A/C Solution at (410) 742-0400

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